Why do most startups fail ?

Why do most startups fail ?

Here some of my views and research that leads me to a conclusion why  most startups fails

 Here are some point 

  •  Funding  

  • Unclear policy

  • Communicate to people 



 Many startups start early and goes well but when it comes to expansion they all lack funding see not everyone in the world is rich enough, So everyone needs help of others at some point  either financially or technically many startups needs help many good startups fails due to raise required funding to go with their operations and they fail or breakdown.

2 Unclear Policy 

Policies are made to guide  the company to achieve its organisational goals but sometimes entrepreneur fails to frame the policies or the policies are not clear to the public and team that leads to  failure of the startups   

3.Communicate to people 

many startups fails to communicate their idea to the public or common people and this is the thing that marketing or proper campaign can help to save the startup prior planning and research of market can  change many things and can save you to fall.

Beside these three reasons there are many other reasons like culture,market size, early start and many things that affect the startups. But to keep on going one must do research and analysis of all the resources available . 

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